Team Plan ImplementationTeam Plan Implementation

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What it is: For a team to have a plan is one thing, implementing it successfully requires persistence and focus. The team creates a planning calendar and clearly states who will do what and when it will be done. It is clear who is accountable for what and when they will report on progress.

Best for: Senior business unit teams and project teams.

Time frame: The planning calendar spans a year and is normally
divided into quarters, when 1-day progress workshops are conducted.

Results: Confidence that the plan can be managed; the accomplishment of critical team objectives; planning as a repeatable process; ongoing engagement of team members.

Tell-tale signs your team may need this service:

  • The team may not have regular milestone meetings to check on and adjust its progress
  • The team may be off track on its work, requiring an examination of where it has gotten off track
  • The team may have key handoffs that don’t work as well as they should or where there is confusion about responsibilities.
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