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What it is: For individual leaders, we provide a portfolio of assessments and tools to help them acknowledge their strengths, identify their challenges and widen their perspectives. For teams, we have an Intentional Team 360 that offers the team the opportunity to assess their effectiveness and identify areas of growth for the team.

Best for: Any individual leader or team that needs to identify the ways in which they can become more effective.

Time frame: Individual or team 360s can be conducted from start to finish over about a six week period including confirming the questions, the categories of responders, the timeframe for responding and then generating the report of results. The Kolbe IndexTM can be done in a couple of days followed by a debrief. The Kolbe IndexTM can also be done for teams and that can take a couple of weeks to get everyone’s results done and a team debrief developed and delivered.

Results: Teams and leaders have a list of strengths to rely on and a list of focus areas to work on. We then work with the teams and the individual leaders to help them make a development plan.

Tell-tale signs your team may need this service:

For team focus and growth:

  • Your team needs focus and growth and you decide on a team 360 to discover the areas of improvement that would give the team the most onward progress
  • Your team has some urgent issues around which they need alignment and yet you don’t wish to ignore team process at the same time
  • You are the new leader of a team and you wish to quickly get a picture of where it needs to grow next.

For individual growth and support:

  • You have individuals of high calibre who have reached a plateau or who need more insight to grow further
  • You have a team that is not gelling and you need some help in managing them
  • You have two or more individuals in conflict and you wish to give them some non-emotional, more objective insights in how they could work better together.
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Why not fix your underperforming team?

Many teams operate well below their potential. They are fragile, divided, easily derailed, and often mistrustful. Intentional Teams, by contrast, are robust, aligned, and focused. They achieve great things. They define careers. They become legendary.

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