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What it is: Some teams get themselves into conflicts that are ongoing and erode the effectiveness of the teamwork. Sometimes it’s a conflict between two people that poisons the work of the whole team and sometimes it is a conflict that is really “owned” by the whole team. We offer a facilitated process to identify the causes of the conflict and have those involved work through to a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Best for: Teams where conflict is holding back their effectiveness.

Time frame: Team conflict workshops are typically two days in length, with preparation and follow up work.

Results: The team gains clarity about each team member’s contribution to the conflict and to the solution. The team members now have a process for resolving future conflicts before they get sticky and difficult. Most teams undergoing this process find that they come to work with more enjoyment and satisfaction than if the conflicts are left to fester.

Tell-tale signs your team may need this service:

  • You may have one or more participants on your team who are seen as “difficult” or who have an ongoing friction between them and where it interferes with the team’s work
  • People tiptoe around some key “elephants in the room” which wastes team energy and efficiency
  • There may be no understood process for dealing with sticky conflicts.
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