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What it is: Every business needs to understand what success looks like and the roadmap for getting there. This strategic planning process is efficient and thorough and uses a proven set of tools to create a plan that the Board, Management and other stakeholders are confident in. These include researching the business environment, assessing strategic options and scenarios, formulating objectives and creating action plans and business metrics.

Best for: Boards and senior management of enterprises or strategic business units.

Time frame: 2-3 day workshop with preparation and follow up work. Typically conducted annually and can be done more frequently where the enterprise or strategic business unit is in a fast-moving environment.

Results: Clarity—the Board and Management are clear about the organization’s focus, performance targets and plan of action to accomplish the targets. Alignment—the entire organization pulling in the same direction. Involvement—appropriate people participate in creating the plan.

Tell-tale signs your team may need this service:

  • The current strategic plan has been accomplished…now what?
  • The business environment or market has changed fundamentally from the last time you completed your strategic plan
  • Stakeholders (e.g. the Board and Management) are not aligned on the right path
  • Your business results are disappointing
  • A major change is anticipated and needs to be planned for.
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