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What it is: Even the strongest of teams can be dealt a heavy blow by change. We’ll help you build a shared understanding of what you define as success and include preparations for organizational learning. We will help you build a plan for the change and we will work with you in whatever ways best work for you to make the change as effective as possible and manage for the downside impacts.

Best for: Senior teams in organizations undergoing major change.

Time frame: Typically, there is a front-end planning workshop of two days with the senior team followed by milestone meetings of one day per month over the change period.

Results: You will have clear goals and plans for accomplishing the desired change; you will have individuals and teams that have the skills to change quickly without slowing the organization down; you will have personal commitment from key individuals in your organization who can impact the change’s success; and you have a plan for sustaining productivity throughout the change implementation.

Tell-tale signs your team may need this service:

  • Your team is dealing with changes such as the entry of a major new competitor, new technology, restructuring, a major change of course in serving your customers, beginning a new project.
  • Your senior team knows that this change is necessary but know that it will be an uphill battle getting buy-in from those who have to
    implement it
  • You have a whole department that is going to have to do its job very differently either through use of new technologies or through new products or new ways of interacting with a customer
  • You have a merger coming up and you want to ensure that you make it work with the best possible outcomes and without unnecessarily losing productivity
  • You need to implement a change and you are wondering how to reduce needless resistance
  • You see the need for a major change and you need to get senior buy-in or buy-in from colleagues as you push through the change.
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