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What it is: Teams that produce amazing results have a clear common purpose, ways to track their progress, a supportive culture and a leader who knows what it takes to make the team great.

Best for: Teams doing work that is critical to their organization that need to improve how they work together. These teams are usually senior teams or teams charged with delivering a critical project, re-imagining a business, driving a high-risk, high-reward strategy or dealing with very important customers.

Time frame: Initially, an assessment of the team by the team and an Intentional Teams™ workshop, usually two days, then over a year a customized program that can include 90-day milestone meetings and coupled with Intentional Leader coaching.

Results: Teams become smooth-running and self-adjusting and therefore able to focus on producing results. These teams operate like a self-cleaning oven, continually monitoring their progress and making adjustments to how they work together. They pay attention to their process of being a team because they know that, like having good brakes on a car, when they work well together, they can drive to getting great results faster and more efficiently.

Tell-tale signs your team may need this service:

  • Your team seems to make decisions about direction but then seems to revisit those decisions
  • The vision may be clear but the strategy may not be
  • Leaders may not be making tough calls or they may be allowing stronger members of the team to overwhelm more quiet members
  • The team may not have routines that they follow to ensure onward progress
  • Vital handoffs in processes are not smooth; people may be dropping the ball; critical work may be delayed
  • Leaders may not be holding their people accountable for the values and behaviours that make up the team’s culture.
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Why not fix your underperforming team?

Many teams operate well below their potential. They are fragile, divided, easily derailed, and often mistrustful. Intentional Teams, by contrast, are robust, aligned, and focused. They achieve great things. They define careers. They become legendary.

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