Bill Sedgwick has been a facilitator and strategy consultant for our company for over 10 years, testament to the tremendous value he brings our organization. He listens and understands the issues his clients face, is excellent at facilitating and getting maximum discussion, debate and participation from the participants to ensure the best outcomes result from every exercise he is involved with. He is courteous, yet disciplined and efficient in keeping people focused and engaged with prompt delivery of outcomes and reports.”

– Professional Services CEO


“Our IT department has undergone significant change over the last two years. Esther Ewing has been providing coaching, team-building sessions and 360-degree feedback with all of our middle managers during that time. Thanks to her, my senior team has felt very well supported and our managers have achieved significant growth. She has been an important contributor to our department’s transformation.”

– CIO, Major Canadian Bank


Bill is able to quickly assimilate the issues and culture of an organization. He is a very strong communicator and is results oriented. He has an ability to work with a diversity of people and through facilitation, help them to reach consensus. His style is professional, efficient and friendly.”

– Not-for-profit CEO


“I began working with Esther Ewing while at Sun Life Financial and was so pleased with the outcome of her work, that I introduced her to my new organization, Aviva Canada. Esther’s approach is unique and extremely valuable to the individuals, the team and the organization. I contracted Esther to coach individuals in my teams to ensure that they can optimize their strengths and enhance their personal development. This is extremely valuable to me from an organizational standpoint as it helps to identify upwardly-mobile individuals and increase their ability to contribute more quickly than might have occurred. She provides creative challenge and a unique opportunity for improvement that benefits both the individuals being coached and the organizations they serve.”

– Chief Risk Officer, Insurance Company


Esther took my teams’ overall performance and emotional IQ to a new level. She has become a key contributor to the team’s success in their personal and professional lives. Her counsel and methods have made my role as a leader much stronger and effective.”

– Business Solutions, Major Capital Markets Bank


“When Esther Ewing comes to New Haven to teach in the graduate Theater Management Program at Yale School of Drama, the students and faculty feel as if a magical seer has swooped down with remarkable insights into how it is that we work and learn. More important than the extraordinary tools Esther is able to share, is her marvelous ability to listen, to interpret, and to guide our own understanding of how the tools can be used to make us better leaders.”

–Deputy Dean /Managing Director, Ivy League University School of Drama / Repertory Theatre
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