Profitable Success

The Challenge:

How do you elevate the profile of a small financial services company that competes directly with the industry’s biggest players? And how do you achieve this when the company has no strategic plan?

The Solution:

We worked with the company’s new president and his management team to create a collaborative planning process that engaged employees in the right way at the right time. The executive team was brought into a facilitated collaborative planning process that allowed them to formulate a vision and workable strategies. We then engaged employees in Action Planning workshops to develop detailed plans, and created a monitoring and reporting system for tracking implementation. Nine months later, we re-engaged the executive team and action teams on the next phase of the Rolling 18-Month Strategic Planning exercise.

The Result:

  • High employee engagement through the collaborative planning process
  • Successful entry into a completely new service area
  • Increased sales and profitability
  • Promotion for the President within the parent company
  • New and challenging assignments for many of the management team within the parent organization

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