Success Stories

  • Successful Alignment

    Big Tree Strategies helped a mining company unite various teams to  build a mine together, safely, on time and within budget.

  • Profitable Success

    Find out how Big Tree helped elevate the profile of a small financial services company amid much bigger competitors to achieve a successful entry into a completely new service area and increase sales and profitability.

  • Growing Middle Management

    Read about how Big Tree helped steer a major Canadian bank through huge transformation and reorganization after years of inertia, complacency and a culture of entitlement.

  • Conflict into Collaboration

    Find out how Big Tree helped the CEO of a mammoth health organization, recently created through a legislated merger, quickly form a strong leadership team to tackle funding and rationalization challenges.


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Why not fix your underperforming team?

Many teams operate well below their potential. They are fragile, divided, easily derailed, and often mistrustful. Intentional Teams, by contrast, are robust, aligned, and focused. They achieve great things. They define careers. They become legendary.

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