Esther Ewing, Intentional team expert

Esther Ewing, Big Tree Strategies

As a university-trained professional singer I experienced the sublime satisfaction of working as a team with world-leading conductors and musicians who were dedicated to delivering extraordinary performances.

In the early 1990s I started helping organizations address big challenges. By identifying the “elephants in the room” and surfacing divergent realities and assumptions I helped companies overcome difficult issues.

Big challenges invariably require teamwork to solve. I became a certified Kolbe consultant, which provides tools that help team members understand their problem-solving styles and instinctive strengths, which enables teams to operate more effectively.

We have invested thousands of hours of our time in developing our approach to creating intentional teams and are excited by the results being achieved by our clients.

When a team does important, meaningful work and achieves its goals it is inherently fun and deeply satisfying.

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Why not fix your underperforming team?

Many teams operate well below their potential. They are fragile, divided, easily derailed, and often mistrustful. Intentional Teams, by contrast, are robust, aligned, and focused. They achieve great things. They define careers. They become legendary.

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