Bill Sedgwick, Intentional team expert

Bill Sedgwick

Bill Sedgwick, Big Tree Strategies

I am driven by the belief that people turn up at work motivated and willing to contribute as a valuable team member… but often politics, inertia and poor organizational practices get in the way and they can under-perform as individuals and as team members. We all aspire to to be part of a high-functioning team, surely? This is what I have dedicated my professional life to – helping people rediscover the joy of working in a great team.

When I studied education and theatre at university in South Africa I experienced what it feels like to be part of a high-functioning team. I found that I was not cut out to be an actor but I discovered that I liked the role of a stage manager allowing others to enjoy the limelight and together, as a team, delight audiences. To this day I perform a similar role when working with organizations to achieve intentional teams.

I continued my education by attending business school after I joined the Standard Bank Group, with over 30,000 employees, where I managed the organizational development team.

In 1992 when I arrived in Canada I found there was an immediate demand for my team-building, planning and coaching skills. I joined the development team at the pioneering CIBC Leadership Centre in King City, Ontario working with its charismatic leader Hubert Saint-Onge.

Our field of organizational development is filled with complex theories and jargon. However, I am motivated by the simple satisfaction of helping people live their lives more productively, so at the of the day they go home feeling good.

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Many teams operate well below their potential. They are fragile, divided, easily derailed, and often mistrustful. Intentional Teams, by contrast, are robust, aligned, and focused. They achieve great things. They define careers. They become legendary.

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